We are a genuine company established back in 2012. We are a forward thinking and friendly distribution company. So you have enough reason to trust us.
We are here to ensure that any business person in Berkshire runs their business smoothly. Also without any worries when it comes to IT. We help you achieve that by the provision of affordable support packages designed cater for both small and large businesses. In the past company, owners had to deal with cumbersome data storage such as using traditional methods of hard comes. Nevertheless, due to advancement, we help assure you a secure and stable network. We do this by offering IT support such as data backup and virus protection. Through this, you do not have to worry about your software crushing since whenever that happens we can help you retrieve all your Important Information. When you think that’s it we surprise you with more support services. These include: -Software Installation and Troubleshooting -computer installation -web hosting services -wireless and cable networks -strategy development -cloud storage which you can access on your own whenever the need arises -Web development and application.

The above lists some of our info technology maintenance services. For more feel free to look us up on our blogs or Call us up. We are here to help you take your business to another level IT Support in Berkshire.


Does your business IT system require data backup or an upgrade? Tired of getting counterfeit security and virus protection? Well, that can be very frustrating when you put into consideration the time and money you spend on that sector. In this era of digitalization, each business requires IT support. In case anything happens to the system. Getting a company that deals with that is, however, a problem. This is due to the rising numbers of such companies in the market. Furthermore, you can never be sure of their authenticity. Fortunately, we here at Share the Love distribution are here to ease your worries.